The TSK Business Engagement Centre at Sheffield Hallam University – “a living research project”

I was invited to an interesting event at Sheffield-Hallam University business school (Sheffield, UK) on 15th March this week, which sadly I now cannot attend. But it is worthy of note, and a brief blog, especially as a “living research project”.

It is also worthy of note as it is sponsored by industry – the “TSK Business Engagement Centre”, in a partnership between TSK Group and the CFMD at Sheffield-Hallam. The facility was covered in FM World recently, and the full article is on TSK’s website. This extract explains the partnership:

The partnership between Sheffield Business School CFMD and TSK set out to produce a home for the business school’s executive, a facility for the CFMD and a living research area for TSK to test innovative ideas and new thinking and to understand the needs of the people that work in activity-based work settings to make them more intuitive and comfortable to use.

Therefore the consultation process is ongoing and no doubt the space will continue to evolve as the teams feed back their views.”

This is a great concept – why not? It makes sense for service providers in the industry to engage academia in real-world projects, where they can monitor the evidence and statistics.

Professor If Price( Linkedin ) is the leading academic and thinker at CFMD, and was named as one of BIFM’s 20 most influential pioneers of FM in 2008. He brings the scientific approach of a Cambridge-educated Geologist to the work of understanding the relationship between organisations, people and their spatial environments.

Look out for his new book, out soon (and I hope he send me a signed copy!): Managing Organizational Ecologies: Space, Management and Organizations, Routledge, New York comes out on 18th April

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