About the author

Hi – Thank you for your interest in what is written on this blog ; it still surprises me when someone drops into ‘my world’, follows my blogging, tweeting or general writing, and gives me some feedback. It is always welcome.

If you are interested, you can find out more about my professional career on Linkedin. As I clearly spend too much of my life online, you probably found me first on Linkedin, or Twitter @paulcarder. But this website is about life, not online – life is NOT digital.

This blog was originally just a fairly random collection of thoughts – some of it relating to my professional interests, some to life in general, or my various peccadillos! If you get past 40, and have no peccadillos (I like that word!), you’re either a liar, dellusional, a politician, or you need to get out more….!

I am a forty-something husband and father of four (that is my ‘real life’, or what I call my analogue life, and it SHOULD always comes before anything else (but like any fallible human, I fail sometimes!). My Ex (still my wife) and kids would say “Umm, well…is that always true??” But probably more bluntly than that.

Since 2000, my family has lived in St. Ives, an old market town on the river Great Ouse in Cambridgeshire. It’s a pretty town, not far from world-famous City of Cambridge, UK. It’s about an hour by train north of London, via Kings Cross St.Pancras. I know it well, as I have spent much of my career commuting in and out of London, initially from North London, then Woking, until we moved as far out as one can live on the South East Network!

I’m a country-boy really, so I spend much of my time around Yelverton, in west Devon, on the south-west edge of Dartmoor. I love dogs (I have a dozy Labrador, Boris, with me in Devon, and the kids have an even thicker Westie, and a very bright little Terrier). The dogs are endlessly faithful and happy to see me. You can’t say that of many humans! And I love real ale; not just beer, but proper beer. It is hard to fathom why I spent my youth drinking cider (until the age of 18 probably!) and then lager, when all along I could have been enjoying real ales.

So when I’m not working, or writing (why is that two activities?) then what do I like doing? Well, if you cross visiting my family in St.Ives & real ale & dogs, you generally get long walks in the countryside punctuated by “oh, let’s pop into the pub and see whats on tap”. And we have plenty of choice. Its all a bit flat (the countryside, not the beer), unlike my home county of Cornwall. But that is another place, another time, and another story altogether….

Take care, look after those that you love, and keep in touch…

Paul Carder, June 2017

paul.carder.uk@gmail.com (skype: paul.carder.uk)