The Occupiers Journal is now a website….

The Occupiers Journal existed only in the ‘ether’ for a couple of years…on free resources such as this, and LinkedIn …and on Twitter

It went onto its own website in 2011 : , and is owned by our company Occupiers Journal Limited, directed by a small team of great people:

It’s aim is as it always was: to generate discussion, and to share useful material and advice, for and about the world of occupiers –  the users of real estate (property) and workplace/facilities in any sort of organization that is not in the real estate business per se. I.e., real estate and facilities are part of the infrastructure that is owned, leased and managed as part of the core operations of a business, government department or any other organization.

Occupier employees have many and varied roles and job titles – Director of Corporate Real Estate, Head of Corporate Workplace, Director of Facilities, or Facilities Management, Head of Premises, Director of Corporate Services…and many more! They come from equally varied backgrounds – some from the ‘core business’ (e.g., banking, technology, insurance, public adminisration, etc…), and many from technical and managerial specialisms (real estate/surveying/property; architecture and project management; engineering; facilities management; corporate services, catering…and many more fields).

Occupier focus is, or should be, on the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the core organization – again, whatever that may be – from ‘big business’ to government, to education, hospitals and charities. All are ‘occupiers’, and use real estate and facilities services to support the core organization.

We hope that you subscribe to the Occupiers Journal, follow the blog and continue to join our various ‘threads’ of discussion.

Meanwhile, this blog which you are kindly visiting now will continue, for a while at least, just for my various musings on the world around us….I don’t know why, I just like writing… If you enjoy reading it, you are very welcome.

Paul Carder:

Twitter: @paulcarder

One response to “The Occupiers Journal is now a website….

  1. We are interested in your blog. We work with Urban Land Institute on their energy efficiency exchange/web portal: LessEN.

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