‘OJ’ Careers & Jobs (#7 ; Fri 27th April 2012)


A different post this time – if you want to read the previous 6, click here to see the usual format.

This is a bit of a whinge actually! Or, perhaps, just an observation on the lack of awareness of the power, speed (and hence value) of social media, especially Linkedin Groups.

We have around 2,200 members now on our Linkedin Group called “Careers & Jobs (Open) CRE & Facilities Management”. And we are slowly growing, at around 50-100 people a week, after the initial fast start. The link is here: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=4269106 .

Recruiters & Head-hunters

Whilst many recruiters have their own Linkedin groups, to ‘sell’ their job opportunities, this group is independent, under the ‘OJ’ http://occupiersjournal.com. (Do sign up on the website to receive our Newsletter and occasional papers). We hoped that any and all recruitment and head-hunting firms would use this open group, and post vacancies to the ‘Jobs’ section. Many of you have, so thankyou for that.

But, I have to say, I also thought that recruitment firms would want to take the opportunity, as the Linkedin group grows, to publicise their company profile, and maybe give greater exposure to some key opportunities that they have available.

I have had plenty of emails from job seekers saying ‘great idea – like the group’ or words to that effect. But, hardly a word from the recruiters amongst you….

Why is that? Is it because we suggested a “small charge” for this publicity? (and I did mean “small”). I guess so – yet surely social media (and particularly well managed Linkedin groups) are far better avenues for advertising expenditure than sticking ads in magazines, which often don’t get read (or if they do, by the time they are printed they are well out of date).

Social media has changed the world of marketing and advertising forever – and largely for good, especially for urgent needs such as some advertised roles that I have seen recently. It is fast, and direct, and the mailing list is self-cleansing! (i.e., you all update your own email on Linkedin when you move jobs, etc….most emailing lists are largely out-of-date most of the time!…..not with Linkedin).

So I’m wondering why the recruiters amongst you are not beating down my door (OK, email) to say “we’ll pay you £x if you write about us, ABC Ltd, on your blog, and send it to your network of c.30,000 workplace/FM professionals around the world….” Maybe the advertising sales people in the Trade Journals offer better hospitality….?? They don’t offer better value…….

Here’s hoping I hear from some of you lovely recruiters 🙂



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