Life is not digital; we need a balance with our natural ‘analogue’ life

I am starting to think of life in this way. We spend so much of our professional lives ‘connected’ to one or more digital devices, it is increasingly important to ensure that we have ‘analogue’ time. That is, unconnected. Real footprints, not digital footprints. Conversing face-to-face, eating, playing, kissing, hugging, loving…and all the things we do which are not connected to something that has no soul. A walk through a wood in the autumn (Fall) awakens all the senses – few of our senses are used when connected to the digital world via a computer or device.

There is no question that the digital world is a large part of our future. But the ‘analogue’ world of our past has a vital role to play in our future too. Children must not be left to ‘their own devices’ as quite literally that is what they will all too often revert to – their digital devices. Games consoles, phones, laptops, and other ‘gadgets’. But, are we as adults so much better? What are we losing from the pre-digital days? This blog will take a personal view, that we are in danger of losing so much from the ‘old fashioned’ world before computers and connectivity – but that we are not realising and taking action as individuals and as a society.

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