What’s coming up at the CoreNet Paris Summit, 19-20th Sept

I will be at the CoreNet Paris summit from the evening of 18th, to close on 20th Sept. Drop me a line at paul.carder@occupiersjournal.com if you will be there, and would like to meet up.
If you have yet to book, I recommend the event to you: http://www.corenetglobal.org/Events/ParisSummit2011/index.cfm
The Summit Theme is “Social Dynamics: Connectivity, Creativity, Relationships”
The website says:
Significant global change is driving us toward increased
connectedness and interdependencies across cultures and continents, impacting
the individual, the corporation and the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) industry as
a whole. People are connecting and creating in new ways, forming new alliances,
expanding their personal scope and reach, with new tools and in new
How true that certainly is, especially over the last couple of years. You will be reading this because you saw it pop up on Twitter @occupiers or perhaps our Linkedin \’Open\’ Group. If not, I’d love to hear where you did read this! It could pop up anywhere, as we pass links and information around our connections and networks.
But, there is nothing quite like meeting face-to-face…and that is what CoreNet\’s Summits around the world do very well. And Paris is one of the best cities in the world to be in for a few days….
So, what’s happening at the Paris summit? Here is a quick overview of some of the things that caught my eye from the Agenda:
The Opening Speaker is Euan Semple (http://www.euansemple.com/), an expert in social media. As you would expect, you can follow him on Twitter @euan and even ask him a few questions before he gets to Paris! He says:
One of the greatest catalysts in today’s connected culture is the emergence and
rapid adoption of social media as a preferred platform of communications and
relationship building
Preferred platform? Not sure…but it is a fantastic way of communicating and connecting with people that you would otherwise probably never meet. It can’t beat a chat at the bar over a couple of beers, in my view…but you can’t do that, several times a week, with several people, in several cities around the world. You CAN with social media.
As always, there are many sessions to chose from.
Monday 11-12.30 is a session titled \”Measuring the Value of Virtual Working\”, moderated by my friend Jose Luis from Nokia in Spain, and featuring some excellent research called VWork, by Philip Ross and Mark Dixon. This is very interesting, and if you would like to preview and prepare your questions for the speakers, you can see Philip Ross talking about this study on YouTube.
After the lunchtime speeches, I guess I will be going ‘green’ from 2pm on Monday, with moderator Rick Bertasi (Global CRE at Deutsche Bank), who introduces a session titled \”Gaining Green Pedigree: How to Benefit from Renewable Energy Incentives\”. This session will show how occupiers can reduce energy costs, take advantage of government financial incentive schemes, and gain green credentials in the process. Of course, Deutsche Bank is a strong proponent of ‘green buildings’, as demonstrated by what it calls the greatest refurbishment of a building undertaken in Europe created one of the most eco-friendly high-rise buildings in the world – the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt – see this link.
An ever-popular Pecha Kucha (pronunciation) follows, debating the motion that\”CoreNet Global will soon have no place in a fully connected world\”. Of course, I will have to vote against my friends Andrew Mawson (MD of AWA)  and Leon van Leersum (now of REDEPT), who are ‘for’ the motion. We need organisations to bring us together face-to-face, or we would not be attending!
Chapter Receptions, and a usually excellent Networking Dinner end the first day.
The Workplace Community of CoreNet starts Tuesday bright and early at 9am, with a discussion around Is \”Place\” Relevant. Of course, it is! Isn’t it? Despite the undeniable fact that we are mostly, if not all, ‘agile or mobile’ workers today, are we not being increasingly drawn to “places” that add value to our work-life experience? If not, why do we still marvel at new urban architecture and spaces, and prefer to work in ‘enriched’ environments rather than our often minimalist ‘lean’ office environments?
11.15 on Tuesday is a tough choice. I want to join my one-time boss Martin Laws, Lead Partner for Occupier Advisory at Deloitte, who moderates the session Carrying Small But Living Large: The City is My Office. However, I may have to be diverted to one of my pet subjects, how to prove/measure productivity of office workers. Rob Wright, an Englishman in L.A.!, and others, present a session called All in a Day\’s Work (AiaDW): Understanding Work in the Workplace,. This session will introduce a
new online survey that informs decisions by providing a
detailed understanding of how/where employees work and what hinders them from
being productive, allowing businesses to allocate resources in a targeted way to
improve productivity.
Audience members will experience the tool first-hand,
providing the basis for audience analysis, and hear examples of how the tool has
been used to develop overarching strategy
From 2pm on the Tuesday will be several SNAP Sessions. Here, you rotate every 30 mins between short sessions. These include the opportunity to experience Creating With Disney and many other interesting topics.
The closing session is always ‘last but certainly not least’ – a rousing talk to get you thinking as you travel home. This session will not dissapoint, as Disney Institute\’s Lisa Spahn starts the session with:
a behind the scene view of how seamlessly the Disney organisation engages and
impacts its customers through the design of place, elaborate settings and key
environmental elements
Then Dr. James Bellini – Author, Presenter & Futurologist – uses “the perspective of history to analyse current realities and explore the shape of
things to come”.
All together, this looks to be an excellent Summit, so if you haven’t booked your ticket yet, and you can get away for 2 fully-packed days, I hope to see you there….
Managing Director, Occupiers Journal Limited
Twitter: @occupiers
Hong Kong – London – San Francisco

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