Occupiers Journal ‘OJ’ has been a LinkedIn group..until now

Watch this space…for articles based on the discussions held on the Occupiers Journal LinkedIn group (http://www.linkedin.com/groupRegistration?gid=2861904), and more…

The LinkedIn group is open to anyone interested in the world of Occupiers (end-users) – i.e., organizations that occupy real estate and facilities are part of their core business or operations.

There is not enough written about issues from the perspective of the Occupier. Both looking ‘inward’ to the core business organization and its relationship with the workplace/real estate, and ‘outward’ to the property, facilities management and supply industry generally.

Occupiers have different aims and strategies for real estate than the ‘real estate industry’ generally. Real estate is held, leased managed for operational reasons – not as an investment asset, or business in itself. At least, in most cases…there are ‘grey areas’ and overlaps of course.

This blog will explore these issues, and hopefully be of use to managers in an occupier property/workplace department, as much as the many consultants and suppliers engaged with occupiers as their clients.

We hope you find it useful….

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