The Occupiers Journal is now a website….

This blog has changed a bit now, but it’s still me 🙂

It was the Occupiers Journal, which existed only in the ‘ether’ for two years…on free resources such as this, and LinkedIn …and on Twitter

I’m pleased to say that it is now a website: , and is owned by our new company Occupiers Journal Limited, directed by a small team of great people:

It’s aim is as it always was: to generate discussion, and to share useful material and advice, for and about the world of occupiers –  the users of real estate (property) and workplace/facilities in any sort of organization that is not in the real estate business per se. I.e., real estate and facilities are part of the infrastructure that is owned, leased and managed as part of the core operations of a business, government department or any other organization.

We hope that you subscribe to the Occupiers Journal, follow its own blog and continue to join our various ‘threads’ of discussion.

This blog will continue, just for my various musings on the world around us….I don’t know why, I just like writing…! If you enjoy reading it, you are very welcome.

And if I can do anything to help you, or your organisation, don’t hesitate to contact me…and do let’s connect on Linkedin:

Paul Carder:


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